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*All names have been changed to protect client anonymity

I find myself unable to express how much the journey Libby and myself have taken together has helped me. Libby has enabled me to start living my life again. A gift (in my opinion) not many are able to give. I could not be more thankful for her help or glad to have met her.

Michael*, suffered from anxiety and panic attacks

The service Libby provided to me was outstanding and has helped my family and I a great deal. Libby was amazing. She made me feel comfortable enough to discuss things that have been on my mind for many years.

Lynette, childhood abuse survivor

Libby was welcoming, wasn't judgemental, was very time efficient and succinct with poignant conclusions.

Vikram, low self-esteem

Working with Libby Watson has been life changing without exaggeration. She is very thoughtful and thorough and focused during sessions. I got a lot out of this treatment. Faye, coping with significant loss and life changes

Thanks for all your help Libby. I was reading my diary the other day and realise that you have turned my life around. I am not so isolated anymore. I go out. I see my daughter and the grandkids. I work regularly and am able to stick to it even when it goes wrong. I have a much more positive outlook on life things now and I am even able to relax sometimes and have the tools to cope with difficult situations.

Jason, in remission from severe depression

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